Sometimes I feel like I am using Tumblr wrong when I see how most of the people I follow have a ‘queue’ tag and use it almost sparingly and mostly when they are on hiatus or away from Tumblr but literally 90% (if not more) of my posts are queued even when I am on Tumblr so if I had a queue tag almost everything would be on it. I just need to have a ‘this is not a queue’ tag, tbh.

1 year ago · March 06, 2013 · 7 notes
  1. violetkarl said: I queue everything. Literally everything. I’m too OCD not to have everything spaced out evenly. XD
  2. lavenderlullabies said: queuing everything makes me infinitely less anxious because i can rearrange posts to achieve a better ~color flow/have more control is general
  3. javerts said: me too, I just prefer that my queue will post because I’ve arranged everything to be aesthetically pleasing
  4. stabmeintheneck said: sAME. i queue everything and barely ever actually reblog anything when i see it if that makes sense
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